A repainted vehicle must not be off lower quality, but you should know before buying the car that it has been repainted. The car paint tester works purely on a mechanic basis; it does not contain any electric or electronic parts and is therefore ready for use any time.

Set of 2 pcs. Top and Bit3003 meters - AMON SP. Z O.O.

A set of two meters:

Paint Gauge Bit 3003 Aluminum Spherical Magnet - AMON SP. Z O.O.

The colors on the scale indicate;

3. Yellow color  - coating with a thickness of 200 to 300 microns - after varnish repairs ("second varnish").

2. Red color -  coating with a thickness of 300 to 520 microns - surface after body repair + second varnish.

1. Black color  - coating with a thickness of more than 520 - putty and varnished surface (amount of putty about 0.5 mm).

Set of 2 pcs. Top and Bit3003 meters - AMON SP. Z O.O.

5. Blue color  - coating with a thickness of 0.0 to 100 microns - thin varnish layer (varnish laid without primer or repeatedly polished)

4. Green color  - coating with a thickness of 100 to 200 microns for original varnishes. Caution; in newer car models, the thickness of 180 microns may indicate a thin layer of the second paint.

Coating meter GL-PRO-2 series with built-in probe - AMON SP. Z O.O.

Users Feedback

“The tester accompanies me or my sons when it comes to buying a used car. It is always at hand in the box in which the tester is located for reading out the control units. Ingeniously simple, but effective! With best regards from Berchtesgaden “.

Martin. K

“Paint tester was used today. Saved me from a bad buy for the first time. He is super. The seller was quite flabbergasted when I showed him the weak points. I wished him a nice day and then went to the next offer. The same game again, then I went home without a vintage car ”.

Daniel Reyes

“I've been a car polisher for 40 years. During that time I never saw the need to buy an expensive paint density meter. Your tester is absolutely awesome and really inexpensive. Now I can walk around the car with the customer and point out the weak points in the paintwork. Because unfortunately it happens again and again that the layman wants to save money and polishes his car himself with a machine. At some point he has no more time or desire and comes to me. But where there is almost no paint left because it was polished too well, I can't conjure up any more. Now there are no more discussions with the customer. He sees for himself what the condition of the car paint is. "

Albert Somnitz